Globally, youth under 30 years of age are not generally prioritized as a key population when it comes to the social and economic responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, we know youth will be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including economic, psychological and other social and health consequences.

The FOCUS study aims to identify how the evolving social, policy and public health measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting the lives of youth living in Canada and France.

By participating in this survey, we would like to learn about your experiences living in a “new normal” – that is, living through a time in which COVID-19 will affect many different parts of your life.

Your insights will help us to inform government responses in both Canada and France regarding the social, economic and health impacts of COVID-19 on you and your life.

It’s essential for us to involve youth throughout our research process to ensure that our research is in line with the expectations of young people across both Canada and France. For example, the questions in this survey have been developed, designed and test by a group of young people in both Canada and France

We also work closely alongside a Youth Advisory Committee who provide ongoing and integrated feedback on our research tools, methodologies, and results.

We are partnered with several organizations that serve young people in both Canada and France to ensure our results will be returned to young people across these settings.

If you’re legally an adult where you live (18 or 19) and 29 years old, and you live in Canada or France, you can participate!

You will be invited to complete two online surveys, about 6 months apart.

The first survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Six months later, you will also be invited via an email from our team to complete a follow-up survey (about 15 minutes).

You can choose to complete the survey online on either your laptop, tablet or on your smart phone.

While there may not be any direct benefit from participating in the study, you may enjoy knowing that by sharing your experiences, there is a potential for this information to be used to improve the health and social well-being of youth in both Canada and France.

To better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic affects you, we ask you questions about:

All information collected is CONFIDENTIAL. If any questions make you feel uncomfortable, you can choose to stop or pause the survey at any time.

All data are stored on SECURE SERVERS that meet all Canadian and French research data security laws. Only designated research team members will have access to those data.

The results will be shared with scientific and public health agencies. All data used for analysis and future scientific publications will be anonymized and aggregated.

This survey is led by a multidisciplinary team of Canadian and French researchers including epidemiologists, public health researchers and social sciences experts. It is being led by Dr. Rod Knight (Principal Investigator, University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada), and Dr. Marie Jauffret-Roustide (Co-Principal Investigator, INSERM, Paris, France).

For more information about the research team behind the FOCUS study, click HERE.

This survey is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

In order to provide you with information you may find helpful in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have compiled a list of social and health resources.

This list contains phone numbers and websites of community organizations and health facilities offering services related to sexual health, mental health, substance use or COVID-19-related questions.

Click HERE to access the Canadian Social and Health Resources.

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